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YONO is a spirit, which based on a traditional Hungarian Palinka, but this one has its own unique formula. Fermented from fruits that are grown in Hungary, mixed with a secret recipe, YONO was born. YONO is a child of award winning distillers whose passion is to create the highest quality spirits with the expertise gained over many generations of Palinka producers in Hungary. YONO has two taste. No.9 and No.11. Firstly I looked for an emblematic figure. Hungarians were an equestrian nomad nation far from the history. And spirits means two things at the same time, one is a spiritual meaning and other is an alcoholic beverage. I looked for an animal from the past which based on a horse and free like a soul. I found Pegasus from the mystique archaic world. After I looked for a type that is classical but fresh at the same time. Finally I came up with a traditional and energetic label. 
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