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About Wink

Wink has been releasing comfortable footwear designs from its Budapest home town for nearly 30 years now. Much has changed and evolved since then in fashion, design and technology. To redefine Wink as a brand we needed special spaces for showing our customers Wink’s new brand values and innovative approach to design and quality.


The production of Wink's 2016 autumn/winter collection is carried out by small manufacturers. Instantly, I had a vision from historical museums, stories and descriptions of workshops full of small drawer cabinets. Drawers from white metro tiles. I imagined a space where we mix the memories of old shops with a modern architectural design. As we enter the shop, we are met with an imposing chandelier created from shoe lasts - the most important element of shoe production. From the design aspect this shop was meant to be a flagship prototype for Wink’s new brand image. Wink’s classic white and blue color combinations were retained to generate a continuity in the brand’s history. The white spaces are divided by a series of blue gates, designed in order to lead the customer through the entire shop and upstairs to the design gallery. My main goal was to create a space where the functions go beyond that of a traditional shop - to create an inspiring visual stimulation and an exhibition space that showcases Wink’s renewed brand identity. Area: 90 m2
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