Special Volvo animal edition at the fashion show


The Hungarian 'Gombold újra!' project, which was first organized in 2011 is integrating a fashion competition into a fashion show and an exhibition series. The aim of the initiative is to give an opportunity to the most talented designers from the Central European region to showcase their work on a platform where international buyers and managers of concept stores and showrooms are invited. The organizers goal is to connect these talented designers to the mainstream fashion world by giving them the chance to have their collections purchased anywhere in the world. The most popular event of this project is the final of the Gombold újra! Central Europe competition. During the fashion show more than 3000 spectators celebrated the designers. Volvo Car Hungary proudly sponsored this event, and exhibited a special model there. The visitors could read the following text next to its cage: “The perfect travel companion which belongs to the family of the Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country has got a rugged exterior appearance and overcoming all obstacles. This impression is strengthened in us through the protective body panels, larger wheels and tires and a raised ride height. This animal will not be deterred if you run out of asphalt underneath. Thanks to the good adaptability, withstand a variety of weather and road conditions, and can do up to 1,500 km without food intake. Place of origin: Sweden Body size: 4,37 m x 2,041 m x 1,458 m Species: Volvo Distribution and habitat: can be found on every continent in the world” On closer inspection of the Volvo V40 cross country we can immediately describe it as muscular, bold and perfectly built for extreme conditions. The unique cage is intensifying this association. It was made to look like glass, we used silicone cord for this effect. It’s a transparent wall which is holding the “animal” in its cage, but at same time it's giving it a majestic look. The car dressed in black fake fur attracts people to stroke it. It can be easily associated of women’s fur coats, but the effect it creates is strongly masculine. Almost all vehicles carry this manly, animalistic appearence. In our case we wanted to associate it to a bear-like creature, which imajestic, powerful yet lovable and protective at the same time.
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