Skechers x emograms by kissmiklos

Skechers x emograms by kissmiklos

SKECHERS CENTRAL EASTERN EUROPE team founds my emograms project very inspiring and gave me free hand - as part of a cooperation - to creat something nice with their UNO shoes. We sent an invitation to an event for a selected group of celebrities and influencers in four capital cities. (Belgrade, Bucharest, Budapest and Zagreb) About the emograms project: The emograms are yellow faces made up of letters of a word. The mimic of the face try to refer back to this word. A news article provided the inspiration for the emograms: in 2015, Oxford Dictionaries chose an emoji pictogram as the word of the year (Emoji is a Japanese word, where ‘e’ stands for picture + ‘moji’ for character). I found this very exciting: humanity started written communication using drawings and pictograms, then constantly simplified these into letters and characters. Following the birth and intensification of mobile and computer-based communication, we started to re-create drawings and pictograms from characters and letters. Finally, we got rid of characters again, sometimes even of words and returned to the use of emojis and icons. We incorporated them into our daily communication. In my work, I put the lost words back into the emojis. I imagine that the totally white shoes are empty white canvases. My goal was to let the guests customise their own shoes, therefore with Skechers Team we choose 5 emogram faces and created badges with them. At the event, guests can choose their favourite ones and stinged up to their shoelaces. I designed an emogram faced shoe bag as an extra. If you put the letters on the right sequence you can read the word "SNOB" on the bag. I designed and made a giant "LOVED" plush bear sculpture for the events, It worked well as a super popular selfie point. This giant bear has a smaller open hearted version. It was not part of the cooperation, just used as decorations. This is a limited 100 pieces collectible art toy. It is for sale, so if you would like to own one, please send me DM to enquire.
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Photos about me and this project in InStyle magazine.

Photos by Zsólyomi Norbert.

A video about the Budapest based event.

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