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The most enchanting journeys throughout one’s lifetime are those that reveal the unexpected: and so begins the metamorphosis from lost to local. Here is a glimpse into an everyday beauty that is found in places that are treasured by locals, but often overlooked or forgotten by tourists. It is the beauty of daily rhythms. It is apart from crowded streets and camera flashes, and lurks down cobblestone laneways freckled with cafes, the feeling of familiarity in the air, as baristas brew “the usual” and distribute the daily dose served in takeaway cups. Dawdling around miniature galleries and pop-up stores, market stalls, fairytale courtyards. The philosophy behind Local’s Lore is the notion of connectivity. This interactive atlas intends to join kindred spirits though a mutual love for travel and design, which enables wanderers to find their destinations based on the knowledge given by those that live there. The result is a community that seeks to flatten the world, and create a common language between foreigner and local, one based on the lore of those that know the place best.

local's lore

A local city guide based on instagram and google map. The portal intent on building a community of caffeinated travellers, Local’s Lore is paving the way in establishing a new approach to travel. Guided by the wisdom of locals, rather than that of sightseeing handbooks, Local’s Lore unites two previously unrelated groups: the local and the tourist. It is a platform for a city’s natives to visually portray their lifestyle, allowing anyone from anywhere access to a guide as to what is known and loved in their desired destination. The locations are displayed on a virtual, interactive map, which is powered by Google Maps, allows for users to explore their desired destination depending on what it is they wish to find. Cafes, restaurants, shopping locations, showrooms, and exhibits are all accessible through clicking on the desired icon on the city of their choice. Local’s Lore is the decoding of a dialect of design, in a language that is understandable by all. It is an intimate and real portrayal that works with the shared aesthetic of the traveller and the local, and builds a bridge through visual communication.
Founder, art director, ownerAdrienn Suri
Designer, art director, co-ownerkissmiklos
Developer, programmer, co-ownerAtom Richard (Atom&Partners)
Co-founderKristóf Balla
PhotographerEszter Sarah


The logo based on the slogan and philosophy: LIVE GLOBAL, EXPERIENCE LOCAL. The Global = Globe, the Local = Your Home = House. The result is a house in the globe, clearly shows the associations. The logo is though not equal to the identity, just a part of it. The brand identity is based on strong Instagram imagery. In the world of social media we are connected just as our users and the ambassadors are that know all the hidden local spots better than anybody else.
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