Lejon watch re-branding


Re-branding for the Swiss Lejon watch. As we are talking about a branding of a watch it is really important that all the elements suggest perfection, precision and great care for the details - that's why it had to redesign of the logo. I completely re-drew the letters to be more precise and sharp. There is a great balance in the design now - the letter J is parallel with the lion's elbow, the icon's stroke is the same width as the letters' feet. The lion icon didn't have an unified look either - it was also not easily recognizable. That's why I simplified it, made it more stronger and more unequivocal. The strong use of red would work very nice because of the Swiss background. The watch mock-ups can be clearly seen that with the new logo the brand itself became more visible and stronger. This is just a concept, because the owners stick to the original logo and icon, so I had not accepted the job.

The original logo

My version

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