Just Decoration serie, prints

Just Decoration series, prints.

These works are characteristically conceptual reflections on the subject matter of art and the perception of art.The “Just Decoration“ series comprises a range of artworks that share the same underlying concept. It is an artistic approach that points out the transformation of an art piece: art is seen as art in the "white cube“ and in art spaces, but leaving those spaces officially determined to display art, it may become just decoration. The “Just Decoration“ pieces grapple with the question: at which point of existence is an artwork actually an artwork? Furthermore, can these two qualities coexist in one? In other words, is it possible that an object is art and decoration at the same time? It is the connection between design and the “divinity“ of art that is at the center of the artist’s investigation. Beyond this question each artwork has a crucial specific central topic of its own.

I LOVE YOU, Just Decoration Series

triptych, print on canvas, 150 X 150 cm / each piece, 2017, not yet exhibited Description: Using the visual language of rejuvenated comics the triptych I LOVE YOU depicts violence, the unhealable human disease in its totality. The first picture „I love you“ of the triptych shows a faceless crowd of fighting heroes. Female comic heroines respond to that in the second picture with the title „I love you, too“. As a disturbing third element the third picture is placed in the middle. The „I love you so much“ is a spectacular arrangement of an arsenal of killing weapons, a tableau of chaos and violence.  Artist Statement: I have created a strong antagonism between the decorative beauty and the shocking message of the artwork. The tightness of the contrast between the three titles and the described scenes is unexpected and inevitably obvious. However, the anonymous figures with lost identities radiate an evil, powerful brutality, this soon gets lost in the beautifully colorful and decorative turmoil. The artwork has been intentionally made to be an eye-catcher in any size and any interior such as exhibitions, private or public spaces. Its popular, visual style enables easy access to this artwork, but violence cannot ever be embellished. This purposefully beautiful triptych depicts violence, the incurable human disease in its element as it is present today and as it always has been thoughout human history.
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I love you

I love you too

I love you so much

CECI N’EST PAS UN T-SHIRT, Just Decoration Series

print on textil, 60 x 80 cm 2017, not yet exhibited, UNIQUE Description: At first glance the picture on canvas is just a line „Ceci n’est pas un T-shirt“. However, after taking a closer look one can realise that the script is actually not printed on canvas, but on a T-shirt. Therefore the T-shirt ceases to function as a T-shirt and starts to serve as a canvas fort he script. Artist Statement: This process of disambiguation showing that a simple T-shirt becomes an artwork once streched on a canvas with the script on it. With my artwork I intend to make reference to the art history i.e. to Magritte’s picture „Ceci n’est pas une pipe“.
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Print vs. Paint, Just Decoration Series

triptych, print on canvas, 215 X 150 cm / each piece, 2019, not yet exhibited Description: I raise the question what the difference between printed typography and abstract paintings is. The titles of the three different typography pictures are: This is not just a Print, Instead of Painting, Is it Art or Design. From a distance three words stand out first: Print, Painting, Art. Artist Statement: My main artistic approach is driven by the intention to broach difficult and controversial subjects with broad audiences using my own visual language. The triptych Print vs. Paint points out the transformation of an art piece: art is seen as art in the "white cube“ and in art spaces, but leaving those spaces officially determined to display art, it may become just decoration. Why is printed typography different from paintings? Is the design that has no specific function art?
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