House of Millennium


The House of Millennium is a restaurant and a cafe. This historical building used to be an exhibition hall for the National Millennium Exhibition in 1896. The Zsolnay Porcelain artisanal factory presented here their new eosin technology and these objects were deep green. This technique inspired the emergence of Art Nouveau in the factory. Before the exhibition this building was originally decorated with Zsolnay porcelain. Therefore my concept is based on the deep green colour, exaggerated large-scale knick-knacks, plates and vases, and the Art Nouveau feeling. I redesigned the pattern of an old Zsolnay Art Nouveau vase. Then I created a brand new collection in co-operation with the Zsolnay artisanal factory especially for this place.

3D renders

The client made some changes. Removed the lions. Replaced the floor lamps to simple vase. Some colors and materials have also changed, but the interior was completed as planned.
3D rendersArchikon
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