Gard'Ann patisserie

The confectionery is located in the centre of Kaposvár, a country town in Hungary. The place is well-known to the locals, because in 1928 the local shop of the Stühmer Chocolate Factory started its operation in here. The interior equipment and furnishing of Stühmer Café (designed by Ferenc Kende) are remarkable and kept under heritage protection. Therefore, when I started this project I wanted to protect this heritage, however, it was necessary to change it. The interior is a contemporary interpretation of the characteristic grand café feeling of the early 20th century. The counter was pastel green originally, so I chose the whole space to be painted with this colour, apart from the service corridor which got the colour of pastel pink. I think pastel colours bring patisseries with macarons and other French cakes to the consumers’ mind, so I tried to create a good complementarity between the deep green, the golden tones and the pastels in the place. The whole interior is elegant in a lovely way with a little “French Bohemian” twist. The name Gard’Ann comes from the word Garden and the owner’s name Anne Marie. The word with its French sounding is a fine reference to the famous and characteristic French confectionery. The logo has a strong typographic gesture.  Well, we had a pastel green place, but we wanted way more greens. Therefore, I composed a huge picture on the main wall, a pattern from many old illustrations, leaves, plants and birds (compiling form 3-4 different bird species). I used these illustrations through the whole visual identity: boxes, cards, paper bags and many other things bear them strengthening the relationship with the word “Garden”. The very bright interior full of greens, palms and pastels makes guests feel more relaxed.
Interior designkissmiklos
Art direction, identity and graphic designkissmiklos
Model photosEszter Sarah
Identity photosEszter Sarah
Model photosEszter Sarah
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