C10, the first 'architect' beer

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Produced byGuri sörfőzde


 C10, the first 'architect' beer KÉK - Contemporary Architecture Centre - is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. KÉK is a cultural centre and professional workshop aiming to create a wide community where discussions of our city is in the main focus. Their programs are constantly getting high attention from all over the country and from abroad as well. In the past year KÉK has organised nearly 500 events - in-country and international exhibitions as well, conferences, festivals where more than 250 000 visitors have attended. For the organisation's 10th anniversary we wanted to have an extraordinary way to celebrate. We have created the first beer for architects, the C10. C10 is perfect for architects in many ways. It's an excellent craft beer (American Pale Ale) and a perfect design object too. The idea for the name came from 'celebrating the 10th' and indicating a type of concrete, C10. The label has 3 technical drawing of buildings in Budapest on it. 2 of them are concrete buildings from the front and one from the side. The blue color refers to the word, KÉK, which means blue in hungarian. For this special product we have created a packaging, a steel case and a concrete beer coaster. This limited edition product is a good way to raise support for KÉK's foundation. All income from C10 goes there to support this organisation's operation. If you like the design please support the Contemporary Architecture Centre. The beer is sold seperately or in a design box with four bottles. The coaster can be bought in a package of 4 or 6 pieces in the building of the Contemporary Architecture Centre. The address is: 1111 Budapest, Bartók-Béla út 10-12., or you can contact them online info@kek.org.hu, or on the phone +36 30 9531617.

All architects drink this beer.
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