Exterior designViktor Csap
Exterior photoLászló Keszi


The main concept comes from the idea that the burgers are from the street of America, and it became one of the favorite symbols of pop art. Street food slowly transforms into a high end food - sold in many restaurants around the world. There's a great variety when it comes to burgers, from McDonald's to the organic, more sophisticated style. For me it says everything about pop art! Only a part of this branding is materialized - I guess my client didn't really understand the full potential of this concept. A few years ago I saw an exhibition at the Tate Modern, in London, it was called Pop Life. I was inspired by this and right away it got me thinking how I could form the perfect branding for a "Pop" restaurant - where pop music is played and the interior has an iconic style from this era. The whole branding is like a package of everything that is Pop - quotes, masterpieces, illustrations, motifs - all in a modern context. I imagined this place as a clash of popular style/mainly plastic/ and organic burgers. Where there would be a great contrast between the healthy and organic food with its' modern POP interior.


The final identity

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