Gótika (Gothic), café and deli, had been open for half a year as a pop up restaurant close to the Castle, just next to the Matthias church. The name was inspired by the location, as it is situated in a basement of a Neo-Gothic styled building. However the ceiling itself is quite low, and the basement's architecture is quite neutral. The branding represents playfulness with a Gothic style. The font I used is Avant Garde Gothic, and I also created a cross shaped mark using a fork and a small spoon, referring to the light foods and desserts that are served here. I created a mark for the drinks too, a corkscrew, it could remind us to many things: a cross, a lady figure - referring to the contrast of a bohemian and a religious connotations. At the back of Gótika, you can find a picture that has a huge dragonfly on it, this icon is created from the basic layout of Gothic cathedrals. On the walls there are several pictogram in the same style, well known icons from restaurants and cafés. The table cloths have the same pattern too - transforming into a subtle lace pattern. The branding of Gótika is a thinking that begun but hasn't finished yet. I hope that later on it will have a chance to be completed with a strong interior architecture.
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